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UP Academy Boston

School Hours

6th graders: 7:15am – 3:00pm; bus riders will be picked up at 3:45pm
7th and 8th graders: 7:15am – 2:30pm

6th graders: 7:15am – 12:00pm
7th and 8th graders: 7:15am – 1:00pm


2016-17 Calendar

Upcoming Events

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Map & Directions

Enrollment Information


UP Academy Boston is a tuition-free, public school open to all Boston scholars who are incoming 6-8th graders. In our first academic year, students formerly enrolled in the Patrick F. Gavin Middle School were guaranteed admission into UP Academy Boston. Today, UP Academy Boston enrolls students through a random, city-wide lottery as required by Massachusetts law. An application is needed to enter the UP Academy Boston lottery, but no test scores, grades, recommendations, or history will be taken into consideration.


Applications are now LIVE for the 2016-17 school year. To enroll your child, you can:

  1. Click here to fill out an online application OR
  2. Download and submit the application below via mail, in-person, email, or fax.

See the application for details.

* UP Academy Boston's next lottery is on Wednesday, July 27th at 5pm.

Our Team

Leadership Team

  • Katy Buckland, Principal
  • Laule'a Gorden-Kuehn, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Alexandra Kuehnle, Dean of Special Education
  • Emily Maine, Director of Operations
  • Christine Menard, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Elena Milius, Dean of Students
  • Jason Smith, Dean of Students

Teachers and Staff

  • Rafael Abrahams, Math Teacher
  • Rebecca Adams, Science and History Teacher
  • Adie Angrist, ELA Teacher
  • Rebekah Barr, History Teacher
  • Deirdre Baugh, Art Teacher
  • Natalya Betzig, ELA Teacher
  • Brittani Bond, Office Manager
  • Martha Bouton, History Teacher
  • Evelyn Cardoso, Special Education Teacher
  • Ariel Carmichael, Music Teacher
  • Ryan Caswell, Math Teacher
  • Stephanie Champi, Math Teacher
  • Nicholas Chapman, Physical Education Teacher and Athletics Director
  • William Cochrane, History Teacher
  • Hillary Craven, Special Education Teacher
  • Patrick Donohue, History Teacher
  • Daniel Goldsbury, High School Placement Counselor
  • Kenji Gueldner, Math Teacher
  • Shauna Harty, Subseparate Teacher
  • Sheila Jacobo, Social Worker
  • Alex Johnson, ELA Teacher
  • Maryellen Leonard, ESL Teacher
  • Amanda Mari, Special Education Teacher
  • Katharine Martin, ELA Teacher
  • Jenna Nelson, Science Teacher
  • Josh Ricker, Special Education Teacher
  • Ryan Riley, Math Teacher
  • Damian Romney, SEI Teacher
  • Daniel Rosenfeld, ESL Teacher
  • Robert Russo, Special Education Teacher
  • Betzaida Sanchez, Office Manager
  • Garrett Schilling, Science Teacher
  • Abbey Schuessler, Special Education Coordinator
  • Ashley Silvestri, Special Education Teacher
  • Quinn Soto, Math Teacher
  • Kim Spanier, Special Education Teacher
  • Cynthia Sperl, Math Teacher
  • Eric Stein, Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Arysa Sutherland, ELA Teacher
  • Anna Tachau, ELA Teacher
  • Merlisha Theodat, Special Education Teacher
  • Tiffany Wen, Special Projects Coordinator
  • Yilmaz Yoruk, ELA Teacher

    UP Academy Charter School of Boston Board of Trustees

    • Tchintcia Barros, Equity Portfolio Manager, Columbia Management
    • David Biele, Legislative Director & Legal Counsel for State Rep. Nick Collins
    • Beth Clymer (Vice Chair), Vice President, Bain Capital
    • Tamekia Groce, Parent Representative, UP Academy Dorchester
    • Amar Kumar, Senior Vice President, Office of the Chief Education Officer, Pearson
    • Daniel R. Manning, Chief of Staff, Civic Engagement Cabinet, Office of Mayor Martin J. Walsh
    • Robert McConnaughey (Chair), Head of Equities, Columbia Management
    • Nii Amaah Ofosu-Amaah, Principal, Berkshire Partners
    • Jesse Solomon, Director, Boston Teacher Residency
    • Barbara Sullivan, Portfolio Manager for Education, Strategic Grant Partners
    • Mariama White-Hammond, Community Activist and Dorchester Resident
    • Nelly Xavier, Senior Vice President, Samson Capital Advisors